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Climate changeEnglish

Sustainability makes business sense

Far from being a burden, sustainability is a business opportunity, allowing companies to ensure their continuity and positioning and making...

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Cambio climáticoEspañol

El (buen) negocio de ser sostenible

Lejos de ser un lastre, la sostenibilidad es una oportunidad de negocio, permite a las empresas asegurar su continuidad y posicionamiento y...

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Digital highways and their similarity to transportation highways

Poor bandwidth infrastructure is like traveling on a dirt road. The technological disruption we are experiencing is something...

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Development ImpactEnglish

SMEs and the Challenge to Export

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are an essential part of a dynamic and healthy economy. Their increase in number and growth...

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Development ImpactEnglish

Tourism development through PPPs: An opportunity to generate employment in Latin America and the Caribbean?

Tourism is one of the world’s largest industries, particularly in terms of employment. This industry generates one out of every 11 jobs...

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EspañolImpacto en el Desarrollo

Desarrollo del turismo vía APP: ¿Una oportunidad para generar empleo en América Latina y el Caribe?

La industria del turismo es una de las más grandes del mundo, en particular, en términos de empleo. Esta industria genera uno de cada 11...

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Unity is strength

The irruption of new players in the global commodities trade, greater consolidation of the multinationals, and the effects of climate...

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La unión hace la fuerza

Los agronegocios son uno de los mayores motores de crecimiento económico sostenible en la región, por eso será uno de los temas a...

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¿Se vienen las ovejas “techies” en Patagonia?

Mi amigo Esteban es cuarta generación de ganadero ovino. Su bisabuelo, un escocés de familia ganadera, se instaló en Las Islas Malvinas...

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Latin America needs more broadband to capitalize on the data explosion

There are many stories about the origins of chess.  To me, the most colorful is about a king in India who was given a new game consisting...

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