Countdown to the Top Five Most Read Sustainable Business Posts of 2014


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2014 was an eventful year for sustainable business across Latin America and the Caribbean. The IDB Group’s Sustainable Business blog tried to cover the private sector’s most relevant and impactful work in sustainability. We encourage you to re-read our top five posts and continue to follow the blog and Twitter. And stay updated by subscribing to our newsletter!

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Countdown for sustainable business

#5: Three ways multilaterals support local banks and drive innovation in the Caribbean by Hans Schulz

#4: Something New in BOP Housing by Lina Salazar Ortegón and Christy Stickney

#3: How to lose weight, feed 9 billion people and save the planet? by Katalin Solymosi

#2: Eight ways women can lead with passion by Elizabeth Nicoletti

#1: Five ways to a sustainable business by Elizabeth Nicoletti 

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